Every day, the world seems to spin faster than it did the day before. We're always so busy. One place to the next. Constantly on the go.

So, we decided to bring busy travelers an exclusive Fiorucci experience they couldn't help but stop and notice. Filling an ordinary city trolley with our authentic, time-honored recipes and plenty of Italian decor, we reminded the world to Savor Every Minute of every opportunity we get to connect with one another - even in the most routine of places.

Pulling Out All the Stops. At Every Stop.

From draped vines and beautiful wisteria to elegant garlands, wreaths, marble serving trays and plenty of delightful charcuterie fare, we left no stone unturned as we completely retrofitted and transformed one of the popular M-Line Trolleys in Dallas, TX into a mobile Italian picnic garden, picking up awestruck passengers at every stop along the way.

Redefining Fine Dining

The dazzling display of hors d'oeuvres we procured for our Trolley experience was delectable enough to create a new gold standard for charcuterie. Our tantalizing board featured a variety of Fiorucci Paninos, Genoa Salami, Salami Milano, Pepperoni, Prosciutto, Prosciutto di Parma, Abruzzese, Sopressata, and Chorizo Cantimpalo, amidst layers of fine cheeses, walnuts, grapes, crackers, and much more.

A Delicious Departure

Not only did riders have the chance to indulge in appetizing Fiorucci bites along their journey, but we even sent them on their way with our signature Layered Mason Jar Salads so they could take the experience home with them.

A Ride to Remember

As mouthwatering as the food and decor were (and trust us, they were), the most important things we provided our travelers with were smiles, laughter, and a sense of genuine connection. We gave every rider the opportunity to Savor Every Minute of the time they spent with one another—and that's what the experience was truly all about.

“Who gets on a trolley and expects to have a charcuterie board?!”

“Before today, I'd never heard of Fiorucci. But now that I've had them, they'll definitely be on my shopping list.”

“These Paninos are just so delicious.”


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