Italian Style Sliders Board
Fiorucci 100% Natural Italian Antipasti Multipack

Fiorucci 100% Natural Italian Antipasti Multipack

Create a delicious, authentic Italian charcuterie tray instantly with Fiorucci’s 100% Natural, Italian Antipasti 3-pack, featuring three mouthwatering meat combinations that are ready to serve and eat anytime. Each 11-oz. package contains ready to serve uncured pepperoni, prosciutto, and uncured Italian dry salami.

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Uncured Italian Dry Salami

Uncured Italian Dry Salami

Crafting salami is an art – and our age-old recipes have been perfected over centuries. Made with wine and a hint of garlic, this dry salami is an easy, delicious way to add Italian flavors to snacks and meals.

Prosciutto di Parma

Prosciutto di Parma

Silky, sliced Prosciutto di Parma makes every dish feel like a special occasion. It’s a delicious charcuterie accompaniment to cheese, melons, dates, olives and breads. This ham variety can also be served at the start of a meal as an antipasto, wrapped around steamed asparagus spears, or as an ingredient in specialty sandwiches or pizzas.

Italian Style Sliders Board


Fiorucci Antipasti Sopressata, Prosciutto and Italian Dry Salami

Fiorucci 100% Natural Uncured Italian Dry Salami

Fiorucci Imported Prosciutto di Parma

Provolone cheese

variety of sliced Italian breads

roasted red peppers


olive tapenade

garlic aioli

pickled red onions

tomato chutney

coarse ground mustard

fresh basil

fresh mozzarella slices

pesto vinaigrette

Pairing: Italian lager beer (Peroni)